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Some websites that give access to many information on Women's History:

Europeana Collections
Languages : 20 european languages
Services : catalogue, database
Europeana is an European internet portal that gives access to more than 48 million of digitized documents (books, audiovisual material, photographs , archival documents , etc.) from more than 3,300 institutions (libraries, museums, archives and audiovisual collections. These collections let users explore all Europe's history, from antiquity to the modern day.

Virtual Library Women's History 
Languages: English, Dutch
The Dutch Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (IISG) brings links together in the Virtual Library Women's History to archive centres, museums, databases, research institutions, associations, discussion lists, thematic websites... worldwide concerning women's history.
It’s the perfect starting point to explore the web, although you sometimes have to plough through some long lists.
Moreover the IISG-website contains the ViVa-database, with references to articles on women's history from specialist journals worldwide.
It also refers to the ISSG website, so you can explore their own collection related to women's history.

International Federation for Research in Women's History
Language: English
The IFRWH was established in 1987 and serves as an international contact forum for researchers on women's and gender history. She organises international conferences and has a Newsletter available online, with announcements for colloquia and conferences, publications, and the activities of the affiliated national committees.

FRAGEN (FRAmes on GENder)
Language: English
Fragen is a database with full text-versions of feminist texts (books, pamphlets, articles...) from 29 European countries. In every country experts selected a series of representative texts from the period 1960-2000. They are available in the original language and an elaborate classification system makes it possible to search the whole database on types of documents, keywords etc. The website contains a lot of information on the project that led to the database.      

Mapping the World of Women’s information Services
Language : English
Developed by Atria (institute on gender equality and women’s history), the Mapping the World database contains addresses and information about more than 400 women’s information centres around the world. For anyone looking for more information on the situation of women in a specific country, this database is a good place to start.

WINE – The women’s Information Network of Europe
Language : English
WINE is a European network of libraries, archives, information centres and web portals specializing in gender, feminist and women's research. The purpose of the network is to provide a common platform to help facilitate discussion and information-sharing in the areas of gender, feminist and women’s studies and research. You can follow their activities through their website, which also offers a list of online resources.

BESTOR - Scientific women
Languages : French, Dutch
Bestor concludes its project of women scientists' inventory by presenting its new portal on the subject. You'll discover these pioneering, professional and creative women - often underexposed - their merits and their strategies! The portal also presents some great couples of scientists.