Centre d'Archives et de Recherches pour l'Histoire des Femmes

Fragen: sharing core European feminist texts online
Fragen is an online database with feminist texts from all countries of the European Union, and Croatia and Turkey.
In each of these 29 countries, a local organisation was responsible for the selection of ten documents reflecting the dominant ideas of the feminist movement in their country. The result of their work is a database Fragen containing full text versions of over 270 books, articles, pamphlets, magazines …To improve accessibility, information in Enlish has been added: each document has a summary sheet, with a description and characterization. In addition, the information concerning the selection process in each countru, and the experts involved, is in English.
As a partner in Fragen, the Archive and Research Centre for Women's History was responsible for the selection and description of the Belgian texts. 




See Fragen: www.fragen.nu