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The AVG-Carhif realized three exhibitions, of which two can be borrowed.
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Gender@war 1914-1918: women and men to war

This exhibition shows visitors some of the many upheavals ordinary men and women faced during the First World War: its disruptive impact on work and family, the violence they both experienced, their joint contribution to the war effort, and more. Taking an original and comparative approach, it will make you think deeply about the effects of armed conflict on the status of men and women in society.

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Boys and girls... an (un)known destination? Belgium, 1830-2000
Abundantly illustrated, the exhibition questions the evolution of the concepts “masculinity” and 'femininity' throughout Belgian history and the way how ideas influence the real lives of men and women.

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A Woman, a Voice/Vote
The AVG realized the traveling exhibition “A Woman, A Voice” in 1996. Through 30 colorful panels, the show examines the way in which women discussed and obtained political rights, between 1798 and 1948.

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