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In order to start your research for documents, you can check our catalogue. Within this catalogue you will find a general description of the archives that we preserve accompanied with a PDF version of their inventory (if available). Furthermore you can browse our books, magazines, brochures, posters, photos...

Our new public catalogue has been online since March 1, 2019. Please inform us if you encounter any errors and / or problems.

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The AVG conserves archives of personalities or associations who have been actively engaged in gender equality. Most of these archives concern the Belgian (and sometimes international) women's movement. The personal archives contain documents from pioneering women in different fields, researchers in gender studies or politicians. As partner of The Suzan Daniel Fund, The AVG also keeps the archives of the lesbian movement.

Books, brochures and magazines
The library collection of the AVG carries quite a number of publications that highlight the evolution of women's social position and the history of the women's movement and of other actors of gender equality. The collection of magazines covers the entire spectrum of the women's movement, containing foreign titles as well.

A reference library with recent works on women’s history is available in the reading room.

The poster collection illustrates a wide range of actions within the women's movement, among them the equal opportunities policy... (mainly since the 1960s). All the posters can be consulted online and can be downloaded in low resolution. Reproductions with a higher resolution are available on request.

The photo collection
The photo collection brings to life the women from both the Belgian and international women’s movement, and makes actions and assemblies from the past tangible. The pictures will be progressively added to the descriptions in the catalogue. Reproductions of these photographs are possible under certain conditions.

Biographical information
The AVG preserves biographical information (publicly available) on women who have played an important role in Belgian history, in the women’s movement as well as in other realms. The list can be consulted internally.