Archive and Research Centre for Women's History

Friends of the AVG-Carhif

In 2015 the Archive and Research Centre for Women’s History launched a supporting network, the Friends of the AVG-Carhif – Vrienden van het AVG – Les Ami.e.s du Carhif. Mrs. Miet Smet, Minister of State and co-founder of the AVG-Carhif, is the honorary president of this network.

Through the Friends of the AVG-Carhif we want to involve our network more closely to the functioning of the archive center: the organizations and individuals who entrusted us with their archives, activists and  supporters of the women’s movement and equal opportunities, researchers in gender history and everyone who cares about the preservation of our heritage.

Members are invited to an annual activity: an enthralling lecture, a guided tour in an exhibition, a film…

You would like to become a Friend of the AVG-Carhif?

There are several options:

To become a member you simply need to send an e-mail with your contact information to

Payments should be made to the account BE72 5230 8074 6616 of the Friends of the AVG-Carhif (Triodos, BIC TRIOBEBB). Please mention your name and ‘Friends AVG-Carhif 2017.